Going to Chicago!

I’ll be heading out Friday afternoon to Chicago to the Rett Syndrome annual conference. I haven’t had much time to think about the agenda and I forgot to send a photo of Edda for the montage – but I just looked at the schedule and it looks great! Last year, I went with Jeremy, Edda and my dad. This year, everyone else is staying home to welcome Yvonne, our au pair, and I’m off to the Windy City.

I am a little nervous going because I’m going by myself and my online persona is a little more confident and outgoing than my “real” self and even though I am fond of all the Rett folks I know (both in real life and online), it’s not like I really know everyone and so I’m nervous. So is anyone doing anything Saturday night? If you don’t have anything planned, I’d love to hang out, maybe dinner and a movie? Should I post my cell phone # on my blog? I was all excited to see Sex and the City on Saturday with someone, but I found out that it isn’t opening until the 30th and that left me with Indiana Jones, which just doesn’t have the right giddy feel to it. (But it doesn’t mean I’m ruling out Indiana Jones, if that is what you want to see).

I had planned not to go this year, as our fixed expenses are going to be quite high once the house is bought. So in order to save some money, we used up some frequent flyer miles and I’m not staying at the hotel, rather I’m staying at the lovely youth hostel a few miles away and I also decided not to go to the tribute dinner, both of which I haven’t yet decided are good decisions on my part or not. It’s pretty much too late to change any plans, so I guess I’m going with the flow!

So if you see me kind of sitting in the back of the room by myself (or if I’m lucky with someone else), come and say hi! I’d love to say “hi!” back. I’m the Asian lady with the short black hair.

5 thoughts on “Going to Chicago!”

  1. HA! We’ll be there this year too. Why don’t you just email me your cell number and we can get together – I’m sure I can talk Jeff into dinner and a movie on Saturday. I can’t even remember the last time we actually saw a movie in the theater (although my mom and I already have plans to see Sex in the City opening weekend so that will make two weekends in a row!). We are flying in early Friday morning so we can do a little sightseeing during the day. We’re not going to the tribute dinner either – we thought for that much money we could find a pretty nice restaurant over hotel buffet food. Can’t wait to see you again!

  2. I will be there! And I will come by and say hi for sure! I didn’t get Caitlyn’s picture sent in, either. I’m so bad at remembering that stuff. I’m so excited to pack tomorrow! I’m going to check in and print my boarding pass first thing tomorrow morning!

  3. The weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS here this weekend!

    RATS – I am supposed to be in Indy this weekend. We are sponsoring a race car and get to do all kinds of fun stuff!

    Normally there is a free trolley that runs around the downtown area…be sure to ask your hostel people about that…it can save a ton on cab fare.

    Carnivale is an awesome FUN restaurant.

  4. Someone please take this sweet girl to dinner with you. She rocks and has about the best laugh of anyone you’ll ever meet. Doris next time maybe I’ll meet you.

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