Looking for something.

I think I’m about to join a church. Do I believe in an all powerful being (a.k.a. God)? Not really – but I believe in community, hard work and the miracle of human interaction. I’m looking for a group of people who get together, have potlucks and help each other through good times and bad times. I figured out that that is pretty much what church is, so I went off looking for one that I would like.

I started looking for a church about 6 years ago, right after Vince was born. I went to the Unitarian Universalist church and the Quaker church, both in Austin, TX for a few weekends – it kind of wasn’t the right fit or the right time.

The UU Austin church talked too much, the Quaker church didn’t talk enough. So I stopped going. I didn’t do any more searching for 5 years.

Now that we are back in the States, I found the local Unitarians. I went to a a month of Sundays by myself; they were a fun mix of family, singing, meeting and greeting – lots of kids, lots of families, lots of older folks.

Last week I brought Vince to Sunday School (!) and sat in on his class, where they talked about ecology, recycling paper, saving the Earth and did a Maypole dance.


He wants to go back.

I have to say, the other reason I’m looking for a church is so I can find some folks who will be part of Edda’s community of friends which is separate from her school friends.

Everyone has been enthusiastic about Edda joining Sunday School, I just have to work on my own nervousness.

3 thoughts on “Looking for something.”

  1. It is good to go to church and meet different types of people. It is also good to have a faith. Daddy does not believe anything. I like Buddhism – it is more like philosophy, not a religion. All religion is to teach people have a peaceful mind and therefore have strength to dealing with the facts everyone has to face in his or her life.

  2. I went to church sooo much in my life. One grandma was cathloic and one baptist so to keep peace in the family my mom would take me on Sunday to mass then drive me across town to the baptist church and then Sunday eve to baptist church again. Every Weds. night was choir practice and of course a few years of catholic school. I learned about kissing at baptist camp! Music was why I liked both churches. I enjoy Quaker meeting here but don’t go regularly due to the lack of music. Love the Unitarians here too. Good luck. Any one who meets Edda and Vince will do the same as the rest of us, fall in love with both of them.

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