Silk Road, China

Brief Descriptions of the above pictures:
  • Skyline, Shanghai
  • Chinese Gardens in Su Zhou
  • Muslim Mosque, Chinese Style with Tibetan Decors on Top of the Roof (Fairly Unique)
  • Chin Hay Inland Salt Lake (Former Topedoes Testing Ground for Chinese Navy)
  • Mom on a Yak
  • Tibetan Temple where the Teacher of Dalai Lama & Panchen Lama lived
  • First Bridge on Yellow River at Lan Zhou
  • Jia Yu Guan, Western Starting Point of the Chinese Great Wall
  • Moon Lake in this Vast Desert – Exists since Day One of the Silk Road, the nearby Water Hole is about 400 KM away
  • Mosque and Bagels in Kashi, China

Mom and Dad enjoyed this trip very much. Next time, we plan to go to Tibet from the south from Shangri-La 🙂

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