Two jobs, two kids, no babysitter.

I called our babysitter on Tuesday night, hopeful that her two day orientation was done and that she had determined her night shift schedule. I hung on to a little bit of hope that maybe she could still help us out 2 or 3 afternoons a week, but alas, she needed another full day of orientation and instead of doing night shift work (11pm – 7am), they needed her on swing shift (3pm – 11pm), so basically any hope of afternoon help during the month of May has evaporated. I’m happy for our babysitter, nothing like getting a good job that pays a bunch more, but we are in the lurch for childcare during May.

Jeremy’s going to go into work after the kids are off on the bus and I’m going to catch the 5am train and be at work at 6. Then at noon, I’m headed home for the afternoon dropoffs from school. Then I have to work a full day on Saturday to make up my hours.

I’m crossing my fingers that no one gets really sick and that the Metro remains my trustworthy mode of transportation!


One thought on “Two jobs, two kids, no babysitter.”

  1. I know the situation exactly with two jobs and two kids and no babysitter. It will be over soon. Ask old babysitter if she knows any of her friends can help. The most important thing is get enough time for sleep and eat well and be healthy.

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