Port Discovery.

Last weekend, we took Vince and his best friend from kindergarten to Port Discovery in Baltimore. There is a McDonald’s located right next door to the Children’s museum. We went 3 times to the McDonald’s over the course of the day – junk food all day long. Ugh. Makes one’s tummy spin. (At least I managed not to get ice cream in my hair.)


They have a 3-story rope/climbing jungle gym which is the most elaborate indoor jungle gym that I have ever seen. The two boys were freaked out and totally scared to go across the rope bridge that was suspended 3 stories off the ground, but Edda – she and I crossed the rope bridge and shimmied down a rope tunnel so high up in the air that even I couldn’t look down and laughed the whole way.


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  1. Sounds like a fun day! And isn’t that just the cutest toothless grin! I can’t wait for Caitlyn to lose teeth! did the lose teeth changer her chewing/eating habbits at all?

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