Summer Sunday.

Is it possible to learn to love a season? I have always disliked summers, I loved being in school with my friends and working on projects and classwork and I always found summer to be too hot and too long and too boring. My summers were often filled with odd jobs with no sense of purpose except to wait for the fall when my hectic schedule would start all over again. Perhaps I did not know how to relax.

Somehow this summer seems special, I think mainly because this is the first summer off my kids have had. In previous years, we’ve been on the Singapore school system – where it’s summer all the time and their big “summer break” is 6 weeks during Nov-Dec or else it was daycare which ran all the time.

It hasn’t been so hot here (although even writing that sentence I know has doomed me to weeks and weeks of unbearably hot days) and I see the carefree joy in my kids with late sleeping schedules, no homework, Popsicles day and night and having just a more relaxed schedule.

We just had a cookout with hamburgers and watermelon. Yes, summer isn’t too bad.


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