Birthday gift.

Finally, almost 4 months late, we finally purchased Edda’s 4th birthday gift – a touchscreen laptop. It has an AMD chip (Jeremy’s still loyal to his previous employer) and the screen swivels to turn into a tablet. It’s actually scarily fragile (the twisty part especially) which is why we spend a quarter of the purchase price on a full warranty which will replace a broken computer – no questions asked for the next 2 years. Now we have 4 computers in the house, Vince and Edda have the fastest computers and us old folks have the “so virus laden that it takes 3 minutes to open a broswer” or the “so old that you can’t unplug the laptop from the wall because the battery lasts for 30 seconds” computer.

Regarding the laptop you can’t unplug from the wall, it’s Donald’s old Viao computer that Vince peed on when he was 3 weeks old and knocked it out of commission for a few days while we waited for the urine to dry up. I remember being totally exhausted as a new parent – Vincent was (what it seemed like to me at the time) a 23 hour a day nurser – watching that golden arc fly through the air across the changing table straight to the precious, new and sexy Viao that was sitting on the red armchair right next to it.


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  1. Laff. I don’t remember anything happening to it at that time. We just had to wipe it off. It wasn’t quite new at the time either, but at least it’s had a good, useful life. 🙂

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