Fundraising for Rett Syndrome.

I spent some time this weekend editing a letter I’m going to send out in a few weeks asking for silent auction items for this October’s Fairfax Strollathon. I did help organize last year’s silent auction in the sense that I printed up the bid sheets and coordinated the sale that day, the silent auction raised about $5,000 out of the $100,000 total funds raised last year. Joanne, the chair of the fundraiser, did a fantastic job of getting great items for the auction, but I’m a little nervous this year, with the downturn in the economy – I suspect there will be fewer folks donating items and Joanne mentioned that there were no new families in the area to grow the strollathon (which in many respects besides fundraising, is a good thing, it means that this year, perhaps fewer families in the area got diagnosed).

Vincent had his last playdate this weekend with his best friend from kindergarden – they are moving next week to upstate NY. When I picked Vince up from the playdate, they said a quick goodbye as if they were going to see each other next week, even though they both knew that the move is going to happen in 4 days. I stood there with Vince’s friend’s mom and we gave each other a tender look and a firm hug. Perhaps Vincent won’t even remember his friend when he grows up, but I will.


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