Happy birthday America!

As America celebrated its 232nd birthday, I spent the day working. Since Jeremy’s been out of town, I’ve been shortening my hours to not make Yvonne watch the kids for 13 hours straight which is how long I’m away from the house each day on a “normal” day. So I’m making up the hours today and tomorrow.

Since I work for the Department of Commerce, I thought it was fitting that I spent the day working, chugging along and doing my own part to make America great. OK, kind of silly, but I had to give myself a little pep talk, I was at work while the rest of the country took the day off to BBQ and go for a swim.

I’m still liking my job, which is incredible because I have never really liked a job before. Can you see that I have the periodic table tacked to the wall? I get to refer to it every other day or so.


I also took this opportunity to to hunt down office supplies; today I found this filing rack for my folders (pink – first actions, red – amendments, blue – restrictions, black – abandonments, grey – advisory actions!). I work for a self-funded agency, we get no taxpayer money, my salary is paid from the fees collected when a company files/maintains a patent and I think because of this, there are very few office supplies to go around. I basically get some pens and pencils. I don’t even get a pencil sharpener or a three hole punch, so I go find office supplies in forgotten, dusty bins in the Xerox room.


Jeremy packed me a sandwich which I ate at 9:45 am.


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