Stupidly Standing in Line

Well, I am a new owner of an iPhone 3G. Fun. 🙂 I thought it was about time that I just up and went to the store to stand in line and get on of the darn things. I had been wasting my regular hours anyways, looking at availiblity chart, perusing apple forums, driving my apple stores to look see as to the length of the line.

Fine. Done. Erg.

I got up this morning at 6am, and took the 7:14 express train down to PA, and promptly got in line at 7:50 – ten minutes before open. I was about 15-20 deep into the line, and the apple employee handed me a card with my phone choice on it, mentioning that this part of the line would be 1.5 hours into the store. Fun.

I did a prequalify, but I had a business marker on my AT&T account, and had to call AT&T to remove that.

I walked into the store at around 9:40. The employee, wanted to chat, but I barely had time, since I had to go to a meeting at 10am. I think he wanted me to oogle the phone a bit more when he opened it, but whatever. I had no time. Just ripped the plastic coating right off. Didn’t really glance at it at all…

Am I stupid? yes. Did I need it? Probably not. But it’s fast…

Doris, did you still want my old iPhone?

8 thoughts on “Stupidly Standing in Line”

  1. Donald, I rememeber that you went to Bennigan's, Steak & Ale on Rockville Pike a lot when you were a high schooler. Am I right?

    Well, they close, file for bankruptcy protection. Just like Montgomery Donuts went out of business. Remember, 3 donuts a night?

  2. Donald is taking this photo and he is not in this photo. Am I right?

    Have you had it (iPhone?)

    It reminds me your grandma got up early in the morning to line up in order to buy few ounces of meat when my brother and I were very young.

  3. I am sure that I don’t want your old iPhone. Not because I don’t like it, but I am certain that I am going to have a hard time to use it anyway – a low tech person 🙂

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