Yvonne, our au pair from Germany, has been with us now about 7 weeks and I don’t yet have a good picture of her. She went to the beach with us this weekend and all I have is a picture of her back!

Being matched with an au pair is a tricky business, you get to look at each other’s application, talk on the phone for about an hour and that’s pretty much it! Talk about blind dating. We spoke with our local coordinator who warned us that about a third of the family/au pair matches work out really well, about a third are tolerable and about a third don’t work out at all.

So I went in with muted expectations and hoped for the best. Well, I’m happy to report that it’s been wonderful having Yvonne around, she’s good with the kids and remembers schedules better than we do and is fun to be around. We are having a good time together (and we have a lot more Nutella around the house)!

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