Montgomery County Fair.

Last night, we went to the Montgomery County Ag Fair. It’s the 60th anniversary of the fair, so perhaps I should have gotten the commemorative T-shirt, but I did not. I think the last time I went was exactly 20 years ago, I remember clearly riding the tilt-a-whirl and winning a stuffed unicorn and hanging out with my high school pals.

Now as an adult, I would not go to the fair, I find it a bit too crowded, the food too greasy, the rides too scary and just a little overwhelming. Also, I don’t really think of Montgomery County as being agricultural (not like where Jeremy’s parents live in Dutchess County, NY) but I really wanted to introduce Yvonne to the wonders of America – so off we went! It’s so nice to go to a fair with someone who has never heard of:

A monster truck rally.


Fried Oreos (which were delicious, I had never had them before! we also introduced Yvonne to the corn dog (which I believe she thought looked obscene) and funnel cake).


Midway games, we are now the host family of Cindy, the fair goldfish.


We lasted 2.5 hours at the fair, which was pretty good considering Edda did not care for the fair at all. We tried taking her on the carousel, but she was crying and hit me in the head a number of times to tell me that she was pissed that she was made to go on a ride she indicated clearly that she did not want to go on.


Now some photos of rabbits and chickens, which are the least stinky of all the barn animals:



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  1. Check it out. When Donald and you were small, they stocked the Rockville outdoor swimming pools with fish before school opened and outdoor swimming pools closed. If this program is still there, Vincent may go fishing in the swimming pool.

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