Poison Oak.

I have managed to get poison oak on only my face. What, did I just sniff a bush of poison oak? I thought it wasn’t very noticeable, but every person I ran into yesterday and today inquired about it. I am itchy – (so is Jeremy, by the way, he has some nice hives all over his body. The team that scratches together stays together!)


5 thoughts on “Poison Oak.”

  1. To do yard work, wear long pants and long sleeve cloth and gloves. How do you get poison oak on your face?

    Dad had poison ivy all over his body when he did yard work first time at 620 blossom.

    Hope you both getting better soon.

  2. Okay here is my grandmothers recipe for get rid of poison ivy and it works so maybe it will do the same for oak. It sounds awful/crazy but I have always been able to stop if before it got too bad. Dip a cotton ball in water and then dip the ball in bleach. That is right bleach. Obviously, don’t get too close to your eyes. You just dab it all over the places you’ve broken out. Sounds crazy but it works. You can ask my friend Ellen if you don’t believe me at Off The Wall Antiques. She is super allergic and she said it was like a miracle cure for her.

  3. Please check with skin doctors as soon as possible to make sure that there are no scars being developed from the poison oak, especially on the face.

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