We have moved every year that Vince has been in school. His “schools” have all been very transitional, his first school was a day care with people joining and leaving all the time. His 2nd school was in Singapore and he started with all the other kids who were new to the school. His 3rd school was kindergarten – which again, all the kids were new to each other, and now that we’ve moved, his 1st grade is his 4th school.

School here started last Tuesday, and Vincent has happily gone to school each day. He’s good at transitions and is very friendly, but he pretty quickly figured out that the kids in his class already know the school and know each other from last year and that he’s a bit on the outside looking in.

We went back to our “old” house last night to visit my parents who are in town and on the way home, he was a little weepy thinking about the old house and how nice it was there and about his pals who are all going to his old school.


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  1. Oh. Josh said today he wished Vince was here. “He’s the little brother I never had”. Ya think he’s trying to make me feel guilty! Tell Vince that Josh only has 1 other boy in his entire class. 6 girls and 2 boys. EEEk.

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