Vincent started ballet lessons today. Why ballet you may ask? Why not soccer or cub scouts or perhaps even gymnastics? It is both a long and short story. The short story is that Vince is a dancer, he’s got the moves and the enthusiasm and the lack of self-consciousness that has me standing at the side of the room wondering if he is related to me and Jeremy. (Jeremy specifically asked that there be no band or dancing at our wedding and I readily agreed.)

The long story is that he loves his cousin, J. who is 11 and dances at this particular ballet school. This ballet school is far from our house and takes its dancing seriously – a number of students have become professional ballerinas. Normally, I would not venture this far from home and perhaps the seriousness of the ballet is a little bit intimidating for me, but this year, J. is helping out during a special needs class that she was eager for Edda to attend. So I asked Vince if he wanted to join up, thinking that the classes would be at the same time and he was really excited and so we are doing ballet! But, of course, the classes are not at the same time so this ballet adventure we are on is taking much more of our Saturday than I thought it would. (Edda’s class starts in a few weeks.)

3 thoughts on “Ballet.”

  1. are we talking about the WASHINGTON SCHOOL of
    Ballet? IT IS very good, but indeed a LONG
    way…………….My cousin Thersa owns
    a very prestigious ballet school in Gtown
    (Centre de Danse) which i would not
    suggest-BUT They will have a GREAT
    Christmas gala -which Vince et. al
    might enjoy.
    On the other hand, there must be a
    local production of the NUTCRACKER
    which would be equally fun. I realize it’s
    hard to start thinking about Xmas but I have
    my reasons.

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