Monica Pie

Today, Rena & I passed by a locally famous pie place called “Monica Pie” along Keuka Lake, NY. Too bad, their pies need refrigeration and we didn’t have one while traveling. Some local people told me that one time, this place provided pies for State Dinner in the White House. I saw one guy in front of us bought five boxes. I guessed it must be good. May be next time.

2 thoughts on “Monica Pie”

  1. Guess I will have to look the place up the next time I am back home. Former resident of the Keuka Lake area, now living in the Greater Portland, Maine area.

  2. I know I will have to, since I love Pies and will have to make a point to share it with my realitives and former classmates that are still living in the Keuka Lake area.

    What a great thing to look forward to…getting my hands on a homemade pie.

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