Jeremy spent the day in East Berlin, PA helping out the Obama campaign, trying to register folks to vote and to get people interested in Obama. We have never volunteered for any political campaign and as Maryland is solidly Democratic, it was either go to Virgina or Pennsylvania – a “battleground state” – to volunteer. The part of Pennsylvania Jeremy went to is 80% Republican and the voter registration drive was happening at a town fair, very crowded and happening – it was quite an eye opening experience.

While Jeremy was off doing his civic duty, Edda and I spent the morning eating a blueberry muffin at a farmer’s market.


Edda is getting bigger and bigger all the time – which is a great thing, as a lot of Rett girls have huge issues with keeping on weight – and she’s getting more and more difficult to move around without her wheelchair. I applied for the handicapped parking tag more than a year ago and I thought I would have little use for them because at that time, Edda was a breeze to get in and out of the car and into a typical toddler stroller. Now I use the parking tag quite often and Edda seems to be outgrowing the wheelchair we got less than a year ago (do you see how her knees are kind of raised off the seat? we already lowered the foot rests to the longest setting). We need to seriously look into those adaptive vans soon.

Look, a perfectly blue blueberry muffin.


Crumbs on the lips.


2 thoughts on “Volunteering.”

  1. Grow Edda grow. BTW-It is Sunday and Doris’ birthday. Jeremy’s was last Sunday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!

    Love, Sheila
    P.S. Hope the card isn’t driving you guys crazy.

  2. I love that last picture of Edda…too sweet! Sorry to hear she is out growing the chair already….I am shocked! I was just debating on applying for the handicapped tag….maybe I should!

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