Boo Boo Boo. Fantasy.

Well, just in case all you non-football types are wondering how the family NFL pick’em pool is going here it is. I must say it was pretty bitter for me to come in second 3 weeks in a row. Last week was a bad week for me too. Erg. We’ll try better this week. I think I have a good set of picks. 🙂

In other fantasy news, I’m in 3 other fantasy leagues at the moment. In order of personal priority: 1 paid, 1 grudge match with a couple friends, and 1 non-paid.

I’m totally winning the grudge match. Yea! I’m sorta mid-pack in my paid league, and i’m dead last in the non-paid. 0-4. it’s so bitter, I’m scoring a lot of points, but they’ve all been pretty close loses. I’m the only one totally defeated in that league. It blows. I better win this week damnit.

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