Doing too much.

On Saturday, Edda and I went to ballet class. Although I usually post photos of Edda happy and smiling on the blog, Edda is often quite unpredictable and hard to deal with when her mood turns. When her mood turns, there is often nothing that soothes her, especially when we are out and about. It is this unpredictability that often has me on edge whenever we leave the house. I often find it draining to take the kids out and about by myself because often Edda will just turn on a dime and be inconsolable and I feel defeated, disheartened and drained. Jeremy, on the other hand, I think because of his more optimistic personality, tends to get a command performance resulting in cheerful outing from our Edda-mame.

Somehow, this weekend (perhaps because so much is going on right now) when Edda lost it at ballet, it in turn made me lose it and we ended up both in tears – sitting on the squishy couch outside in the lobby area of the ballet studio.

Slowly, one at a time, three parents from Edda’s class walked over to our squishy couch spot and gave me hugs and some tender words which were wonderfully touching, but I couldn’t stop crying and neither could Edda. We left early with a sweet hug from the coordinator of the class with a “We’ll see you guys next week!”. I think I’m going to make Jeremy go to the next class.


5 thoughts on “Doing too much.”

  1. Crying is okay, sometimes I did that myself too 🙂

    But, think about it, isn’t that bad at all. It could be worse.

    Just have to deal with it and keep moving forward. And let J:) to handle Edda more due to his personality is a very good idea though.

  2. Doing too much is not a good sometimes especially for family with two working full time. Try to keep a routing as much as possible. Chear-up.

  3. I’m sorry it was tough. Have you tried music (headphones if needed) for those breakdowns? When Caitlyn starts losing it at home, we turn on some soft classical music and it calms her right now..I hope next week is much better for you!

  4. You know this post made my heart break for you but it also gave me hope. I love you and your wonderful family and not being able to be there at times like this is so hard. But hearing that others gave you hugs makes me believe that they also see the wonderful light that you and Edda bring to this world. There are days when we all cry and that is probably the best thing to do. It is how you feel. As long as you eventually stop, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep putting one foot in front of the other then cry whenever you need to.

    Maybe this will make you laugh. Hope it does not offend anyone reading this post. I’m trying to talk my husband into dressing up for Halloween as a polar bear and I’ll be Sara Palin with a gun. I know it is pretty sick. But funny too.

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