Easy holiday fundraising.

I’ve put a few buttons to the left side of the blog – Goodsearch and goodshop. I’ve set these buttons up so that if you use Goodsearch to do all your online searching, it’ll contribute about a penny a search towards finding a cure for Rett Syndrome. It’s powered by Yahoo! search, which I have to say is not as sexy as Google search, but I’ve switched over to Goodsearch for all my searches, even if it is to enter “Google Patents” into the search engine. I’m a professional searcher, I think in the past 2 days, I’ve raised over $2 (that’s 200 searches if anyone is counting, I search a lot) towards finding a cure – my goal is to fund 1 drug screen in the next six months just by surfing the web.

The other button on the web site, is Good shop which is probably better suited for folks who might not be able to tear themselves away from the Google search tool. Goodshop will donate a percentage of the $ spent at major online retailers (Amazon, Gap, Home Depot, Zappos, Apple, iTunes, eBay and LLBean to name a few, there are will over 700 stores to choose from). If you click on the button to the right, it’s already set up to donate the $ to Girl Power 2 Cure which is directly funding research to find a cure for Rett Syndrome. So try and remember when you buy anything online, you can probably help us out!


3 thoughts on “Easy holiday fundraising.”

  1. I added the GoodSearch on the desktop of my computer. I will do the searching using GoodSearch.

    I guess shopping is out of my blood stream. So, let it be there 🙂

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