It’s so freakin’ cold!

This week, we finally turned on the heat in the house, it has turned so cold here in MD – I’m wondering if I need to break out the winter coat. I’m still trying to right myself emotionally from various minor injustices I’ve felt throughout the week, it involved way too many tears in front of way too many people, but I think I’m done thinking about it all and as Jeremy said, “it’s not a guanine” – a reference to Edda’s genetic deletion (806delG on the MECP2 gene) meaning that these things I’m shedding tears about are bound up in my ego and actually nothing really is wrong with life.

The kids are well, the neighborhood is full of kids and every afternoon after homework, Vince runs off to a number of different houses on the block which is great – but there is also major playground politics which are as complex as any adult group interaction.

Edda has been nursing an amazingly disconcerting sore on the corner of her mouth where she constantly stretches due to her hand mouthing. I’m sure it has to do with the sudden turn in the weather, I was actually worried that we needed to take her to the emergency room last night as it looked like it was getting infected and spreading to her lips, but luckily this morning, it looked a million times better with some antibiotic ointment.

Here’s a hair salon photo from last Sunday night’s dinner.


3 thoughts on “It’s so freakin’ cold!”

  1. It is not cold here but seems cold because last night it was 40 and the day before it was 90 degrees. By Thursday it will be 85. Put the blankets, up take the blankets down……

    I love both of your dresses. Love them. You have such a cute figure. The wedding dress would be a good conversation starter since you don’t know many folks there and someone is bound to tell you how pretty it is on you. It is very cool. The other one is great too. I just can’t decide.

  2. We had SNOW yesterday. It is cold here too.

    Due to the Denver things, we do not have internet at apartment and we could not see pictures in the office either.

    Happy to know Edda is getting better.

  3. As Mom said, it snowed here in New Jersey yesterday. It was cold. Since we stayed in apartment, and “one good thing about it” is that it is usually warmer than a house. House is just too expensive to keep it cool and warm at apartment’s temperatures. We noticed that everytime we headed back to Washington DC to my house.

    Happy to know that Edda is getting well, love always 🙂

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