My friend V. got married.

I went to Winchester, VA today for my friend’s V.’s wedding. I met V. only 3-4 months ago, we report to the same manager at the patent office. She’s the person my boss told me to talk to if I had any questions with my work. Well we hit it off pretty well – we talked about the details of her wedding everyday (as well as details about patents) and I was very excited for her.

She had already made up her invite list when we met and wanted to keep her wedding small, I was not expecting to be invited. But I did get invited a few weeks ago and I was so happy I got to go. I went by myself – I did not know anyone else at the wedding, but I just loved being in the country on a beautiful afternoon, with a good spiked apple cider drink and seeing all this happiness around me.


I have a fantasy of being a professional photographer, maybe in another life. Well my true fantasy is to become a professional photographer and use the money I make as a photographer to find a cure for Rett Syndrome. Do you know the going rate for a wedding photographer is $2500 a day?




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  1. I think you would make an incredible photographer. I mean that too. Why not start a project of of kids with Rhett syndrome to publish as a book or calendar someday to sell? You really do have an eye Doris.

  2. Scott would help you with all the layout and stuff Doris and it is something you could do over time. Think about it.

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