Yesterday’s epic stroll-a-thon.

Fairfax is about 35 minutes away from the house – with a stroll-a-thon walk start time of 10 am, I left the house at 6:30 am to set up the silent auction – the plan was to have the rest of the family follow 2 hours later. However, Vince caught whiff of this plan and insisted that he leave the house with me before the sun got up. His reason? He wanted to be there as soon as the DJ turned on the music. He wanted to do the Electric Slide, the Makarena, the Chicken Dance, the Line Dance, and the Cha-cha Slide from the very beginning. Powered by the strength of half a bagel with cream cheese, he boogied his little tushie off for a good 2 and a half hours.


The silent auction went well, the take was about $2700 for about 50 items which was down significantly from last year – but as the person doing the tally mentioned, it might have had something to do with everyone’s net worth being 72% lower this year. I wanted to break last year’s total, but I think about a month ago I realized it wasn’t going to happen – with the move, the end of the fiscal year at work and whatever else got in the way, and I just had to let it go.

This year, I was a little more relaxed about the stroll, I got to meet a few more families in the area and chat with them – about 25 families participated. Also, our wacky shirts made a huge difference. Couldn’t you just feel the smiley-face love? It’s a nice way to get together and say hello. I just wished it had been about 10 degrees warmer.

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