The hip thing in professional photography these days is flare! I do troll wedding photographers’ blogs and everyone loves the flare. (Vince is a little grumpy and underexposed.)


We are trying out a new routine in the house. Usually Jeremy and I both put the kids to bed together, which usually means that all 4 of us are in the family bed – which is fine, it’s actually great, but it also means that both Jeremy and I secretly hope the other adult person will get the sippy cup of water for Edda or get Vince to floss his teeth while we both try and surf the web for: political analysis, industrial tricycles, or kid’s pants on ebay. So this meant that bedtime often crept from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. We were not being efficient.

So now we are trying it a different way. Since Jeremy gets the kids up and dressed in the morning, I’m going to be in charge of the night time routine. So tonight, the whole thing from putting Edda in the bath to tucking Vincent in was 45 very short and efficient minutes.

One thought on “Flare!”

  1. Ha, good for you! I have no direct experience (as you know), but I think splitting up time with the kids routine is good for the parents. This way you have your morning free … and Jeremy can relax in the evening. I think it sounds like a plan!

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