Happy Thanksgiving.

We are in upstate NY at Jeremy’s parents’ house now – waiting for Vince’s best friend from kindergarten to arrive. They are coming from even further upstate (where they moved to in August) to spend the evening and night with us.

We drove from MD to NJ on Thanksgiving Day, Edda was still under the weather and spent the whole drive and most of the feast asleep. The Martin Thanksgiving is always huge, over 30 people show up each year and even though I’ve been going for over 10 years, it’s still hard to remember how everyone is related to everyone else.

After dinner, we headed up to my in-law’s house, where (while stopped in a parking lot to figure out why the GPS was telling us to go to upstate NY by going east along side streets) we got backed into by a very sweet teenage boy in a wood-paneled Chevy Caprice. The car got a bit of cosmetic damage, which is so mild that we aren’t going to get it fixed – but it did add to the excitement of the evening.

I’m thankful for many things, too many to list – you all know who you are (yes, including you!). Thank you for your love and support always.


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