• We, without consulting each other, casted our votes in Washington State already. Our votes probably don’t mean that much either way since it is a blue state.
  • Rena & I are definitely not going to Denver this winter. Our project will restart pretty soon, sometimes in Nov or Dec. Hope the new guy coming in will not screw up things more than what we have had right now. For nuclear energy, the field that we have been working on, I like John better. He is for more of nuclear energy. I am not sure about the other guy on this.
  • I just kind of wonder why our government, under the requests of so many governers + legislatures, refuses to loan GM, Ford & Chrysler 10 billions. Those workers, I am sure, are not going to a scenic CA beach for a $440,000.00 spa trip.
  • I may have three deer tick bites on my legs. Will check out with doctor to make sure. But, for the time being and taking no chances, I am on anti-biotics medicine.
  • I have a lot of skin rash plus those skin tags that I have had for some time. Just don’t know the cause.
  • We don’t have the internet at our apartment. So you visit our office everyday, including weekends.
  • Last night, we went to One53, the food is okay but the service was quite horrible. Probably this was the last time for us.
  • No kids showed up at our apartment for Halloween. It was kind of lost, or relief? Mix feeling!
  • Rena & I are planning to have a tour trip overseas soon. Hope Doris (with plural sss) and Donald can come along, but kind of doubt due to their schedules. Not like us, they are quite busy and we are quite free now.
  • We are very happy that Mom’s blood pressure has been pretty normal for a while. No need for medicine and that is good.
  • Well, this Saturday, Mom decides to go to Princeton University’s meseum this morning, and public Lawrenceville Library for free movie. So, we go!

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