Vince has been having trouble finding a group of close pals at school. It’s pretty painful to hear since it so starkly contrasts with kindergarden at his old school, where he had a close group of diverse friends.

We actually had the pleasure to meet up with K., Vince’s friend who moved to upstate NY at the same time that we moved to a new neighborhood. They drove 4 hours each way during Thanksgiving weekend to see us at Jeremy’s parents’ house. It was really sweet to see them together again.


2 thoughts on “Friends.”

  1. My guys cycle in and out of having a group of good friends, too. I think it is pretty normal, in this mobile society we live in especially. Kind of sad when the friendship thing is not working, lovely when it is. I have one son in full gang of friends feather, the other pretty bare and alone. These positions were reversed just a couple of years ago.

    It is painful, for both parent and child, but just hang in there, it will change!

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