We spent a little time outdoors this Thanksgiving. We walked around Emy’s town, got some rice krispie treats and brownies at the local bakery. It was cold and a little wet and Emy’s town is very, very small and we had pretty much hit all the highlights within 15 minutes.


Before we left for NY, I debated whether or not to bring my laptop so I could finish up some work. In the end, I decided not to because whenever we had visited before, the internet connection was flaky and always was worse when it rained – which is somehow more frustrating than just saying – hey! no internets here in these woods. (Also, I just really did not want to work.)

But, of course, the internets was fine and we spent a lot of time vying for the 1 computer in the house (5 adults, one computer (oh yes, you need to add vince too)). I’m so proud of myself, I introduced Emy to the magic of RSS feeds.


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