Happy new year’s eve.

I mentioned to Jeremy last night that I’m obsessed with Beyonce’s Single Ladies video which shows three ladies dancing in 4 inch heels and skin tight, quite revealing leotards and therefore I’m a little bit embarrassed to post it to this website. It has sent Jeremy scrambling all day looking for the “best dance” video. So from what I hear, the kids and Jeremy have spent all day dancing.

3 thoughts on “Happy new year’s eve.”

  1. WOW! I just watched the video……impressive! I think your next video should be a post of Jeremy and the kids dancing! (If you can get Jeremy in a Leotard I bet event Beyonce woul log on!)

  2. I’d like to forward that to everyone
    on MY “A” list. Happy New Year
    And I’d also like to see a video
    of jeremy and the kids as the
    rockettes-with or without leotard.

  3. I would like nothing better than to post such a video, and perhaps Vince will do it soon with the little internet video camera his grandparents gave him for Christmas. But I am chastened by the sad story of the Numa Numa guy. Doris tells me that nobody will be interested in a video of me and the kids dancing to funny pop songs in our playroom, but take a look at this video and tell me that this guy did not have a plausible expectation that no one would be interested in his little performance.

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