Happy 2009!

I needed to work this whole week, including today – New Year’s Day. This is what my commute looked like at 8 am:


Yeah, pretty empty.

On a completely different topic, Edda’s been a little bit constipated the past week or so, poor girl has not been eating well for a few days and when she had a poop today, it hurt so much she cried.

Up until now, we’ve been managing the constipation by giving her at least one orange a day, sometimes we manage to get her to eat three oranges a day. This seemed to have served us well for years, whenever we noticed Edda heading over to the more constipated side, we’d be sure to give her an extra serving of oranges over the next day or two and she’d go back to normal.

Now it seems even with the oranges (we’ve been giving her Clementines – maybe they aren’t big enough? or not fiber-y enough?), she’s having a rough time. We do have an emergency bottle of Miralax in the cupboard, but I’ve never used it – I’m hesitant to try it if there is a gentler way of approaching this problem. Jeremy thinks we should add a spoonful of Metamucil to her drinks (which I understand from the Wiki page has psyllium seed husks as the active ingredient). Any ideas?

Happy new year’s eve.

I mentioned to Jeremy last night that I’m obsessed with Beyonce’s Single Ladies video which shows three ladies dancing in 4 inch heels and skin tight, quite revealing leotards and therefore I’m a little bit embarrassed to post it to this website. It has sent Jeremy scrambling all day looking for the “best dance” video. So from what I hear, the kids and Jeremy have spent all day dancing.