Jeremy just got home from 2 days in Indiana. He attended a conference at Purdue. Go Boilermakers! (Had to look that one up.)

We’ve been keeping warm at home. Vince and Edda had a scheduled day off of school on Monday and today (Tuesday), the snow was coming down, so a snow day today. I trudged off to work both days, leaving Yvonne at home to watch the kids. After both Jeremy and I came home, we went out to play in the snow, kind of. We don’t have proper boots for Edda, so we put her feet into some old rain boots which I think were a little too small. Not an ideal situation.


2 thoughts on “Weather.”

  1. IT IS 70AND warm and windy here, though drafty in my house, which has now been ‘blessed’ (and did I make
    a donation–why yes-from the heart
    and from the purse).

    HOWEVER, Edda might have grounds
    for a law suit, you know. I’d be
    careful about subjecting her
    to too many more ‘character building’
    experiences like the one you
    captured so brilliantly.

  2. We miss the snow. It was 67 yesterday when we woke up and by noon down to 40 then an ice storm last night and now warm again and tonight 28. Even for Texas this weather is crazy. Keep those photos coming. We love them.

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