Blogger’s block

I’m here watching Obama’s news conference. Actually, I’m half-listening. I’m not envious of the things he has to do, I’m afraid the global economy is slipping quickly out of control, I’m not sure how much this stimulus package is going to help folks who need to find a job now. It feels like we are circling around a dark, deepening tunnel.

I’ve been quiet the past week or so. It’s not that I haven’t been trying to blog, I love my blog – but I’m finding that I’m speechless much of the time. For the past 6.5 years (!), my general policy was to blog what we actually did each day. This model is breaking down a little bit. We don’t actually do very much that is very different from any other day or week.

The kids are getting older – there are so many cute things and so many aggravating things and so many embarrassing things that are happening now, but they seem to be their stories and not mine, so I don’t think I can divulge them on my blog. Jeremy is also sensitive about airing things that happen to him, so that leaves me my own thoughts and neurosis. I’m not sure it would be interesting to read about my craziness day after day! (See? It’s already boring..)

Jane’s 12.


5 thoughts on “Blogger’s block”

  1. Boring! Not really.

    Mom is presently surprised to find out that I am a neat person after all. Or, may be because I have plenty of time that does not earn any penny.

    Yesterday, I cleaned our garage and the chinmey with pressurized water. I am going to paint the front door with Mom’s favorate front door color.

    What else, oh, we are going to find a way to let sun light coming to our laundry room.

    Or, that basement too. And moving back stuff from Princeton, New Jersey.

  2. I agree-it’s not at all boring.
    AND-part of writing in the first
    person is, I guess, trying to
    walk the line between ‘interesting’
    and too personal to divulge. This
    applies to the reference you made
    re not wanting to invade the privacy of your children………you can
    always write your dinner menus
    and go from there–unless, of course,
    you just don’t really want to write (NOW that is NOT the case is it).
    OR YOu could ask Vince what he’d like to remember about the day.
    OR ask Ruby. HOHO.

    NOEL continues to make me green with
    envy-please clone him and send him
    my way.

  3. I am busier to stay at home than to work at office. We have to find time go swimming.

    We walk to McDonald for lunch almost every day now. The Dollar menus are so good and McDonald is losing money on those menus.

    By the way, McDonald’s sell up 30% last month.

  4. Yep, for me, McDonald’s is on the negative side of their balance sheet. I am getting only items on dollar menu. Refill my senior coffee. And reading there for a long time.

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