Happy Valentine’s Day, Doris & Donald!

Happy Valentine’s Day to Mom and Happy Valentine’s to both of you and your loved ones.

I thought this year I am going to be thrifty enough and buy flowers for Mom in the supermarkets, instead of Fed/Ex to her on Valentine’s Day, before noon. And, I also heard yesterday the stimulus plan,which consists of an addition $25.00/month for my unemployment checks, has passed. In addition, now, besides Mom and both of you I don’t have anything that significant and even with no job to be routine. The feeling down with emptiness and realizing emphatically that I am really lucky enough to have Mom and you around me.

With that feeling, I went to the supermarket this morning and spent much more. I bought some gorgeous flowers and a large balloon with a red heart inside. It turns all by itself too. And, on it, it says “You are the center of my world”. How true it is!

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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