Route 66?

Today, it was pretty windy. After cleaning our apartment and passing the inspection to get our full deposit refund, we packed everything and drove back to Washington DC.
On the way back, our ropes snapped and everything on top of our car flew out and fell to the ground, littering the highway (interstate 295). Lucky enough, no significant amount of cars were nearby. Besides, the place was an ideal place for accident – wide open with unlimited eye sight and island along the road. We picked up the pieces, one by one, and put it back on the top. While re-roping them, several cars stopped and offered help. I guessed everyone thought we were jobless and/or even homeless. They were all very sympathetic. Indeed, we were jobless. We felt sort on route 66 with problems. It was windy and cold too. Yes, we were warmed up by all these kind gestures.
Approximately 25 minutes later, a pick-up truck stopped and handed over us two brand new packages of rope which were stronger than the one we used. We thanked him and asked him how much. He smiled at us and said “You can have it and I saw the stuff coming off your car”. Then, he said “The Lord ask me to come back”. I am not too religious but he, definitely, was a very nice and generous guy. He must saw things flew apart; bought some ropes; and came right back. What a nice person!
After almost an hour, we secured all our stuff on the top. Then we continued to drive back to our Maryland home without incident, only at a speed of 47 miles/hr.
Look, Mom had a big smile on her face. Me too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Route 66?”

  1. Sherah is right! YOU were VERY
    lucky. NEXT TIME spend the $$ and
    let a professional pack and move you-or atleast let someone inspect
    your load before you take off.

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