Edda is 5.


Vincent and Edda sleep in the same room on two twin beds shoved next to each other.

Last night was the eve of Edda’s birthday – the lights were off, Edda was snoring contentedly on her twin bed. Vincent was snuggled on top of the crack between the two beds (something he has been doing for the past few months to be closer to Edda) and I was on second twin bed.

Vince and I were chatting. Vince told me that maybe (for Edda’s birthday) in the middle of the night, fairies would come and (unlike doctors who would need to cut Edda’s head open) wave their magic wands over her head and fix the parts that were wrong with Edda’s brain.

I asked him if he believed in fairies. He said not really. I told him if fairies fixed Edda’s brain, then she might run around and steal his toys and yell at him to be quiet and maybe be an annoying sister sometimes. Vince thought about it for a moment and said that that would be all right with him.

12 thoughts on “Edda is 5.”

  1. Something about the big brothers of our angels is just so, over the top special. Edda is blessed to have Vince. I don’t think it will be fairies but our girls will come back soon. Our motto in this house is “faith like a child”!
    Happy Birthday Edda!

  2. happy b-lated birthday to edda!! and what the macdonald family said is so true: vince & edda are so lucky to have each other (and you and jeremy as parents).

  3. What a touching post, Vince is one special brother!! I'm with you Vince, we would take the messy rooms, temper tantrums and everything that comes along with curing our girls 🙂
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Edda – I apologize, I am a bit behind on my blog reading!!! Love & Hugs to you all!

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