I went back on Lexapro today. It’s kind of a relief. I try not to hop on the medication bandwagon too quickly because I always say to myself that my depression will resolve itself in the next few days and it usually does, but now it’s been a few months of consistently feeling bad and swirling the same useless crap around in my head. A few weeks of not taking care of myself (like not brushing my teeth at night) and falling asleep at 8:30 pm fully clothed is not a good sign. Crying at work and at parties is not a good sign. Anyhoo – I hope to be a bit more cheerful soon.

8 thoughts on “Lexapro.”

  1. I’m so glad you did. How long does it usually take to kick in?? And sorry about the hives. I’ve been behind in my blog lurking this last week. love, bette

  2. Hope you are getting well soon. Take good care yourself and don’t take things too serious – do your best, that all. Exercise should help too. love 🙂

  3. It is good to back on medication. And it works. There are many people are taking those. I am taking very low meantance dose. And I hope I can off the medicine soon.

    Take easy and do not give yourself a pressure. Work hard and do not take pressure are two different things.

    Love, mom
    Love, Mom

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