Quiet Saturday night.

Vince and Jeremy are out watching a high school musical called “The Baker’s Wife”. That (little) boy likes singing and dancing. Someday soon we’ll have to take him to a real Broadway show. I’ve never been to an actual show on Broadway, it might be kind of cool. Edda and I are soon going to go to bed with a nice book and some hot tea, I think I’ll spend some time massaging her hands and feet and tickling her tummy.

I made my way to Edda’s ballet class today. I haven’t gone in a few months because the last time I went, I ended up crying. I’ve been making Jeremy take Edda to the lessons.

For the past few months, Jeremy’s been reporting that he no longer has to calm Edda down and that he actually sits with the rest of the parents on the sidelines of the studio. Apparently, Edda has been actually enjoying ballet instead of crying and yelling 15 minutes into the whole thing. Jeremy’s been telling me for weeks that I should take her myself one weekend to see how much more tolerant she is of the whole ballet thing. I told him that I thought Edda was saving one disastrous class up just for me and that no way was I going to go by myself. (Yes, I know, I’m behaving like a four-year old. What can I say?)

Anyhow, we left Vince with the neighbors for a few hours this afternoon and trundled off to ballet class. Edda did pretty good!



2 thoughts on “Quiet Saturday night.”

  1. I dont think that there is necessarily anything ‘childish’
    in a good cry-it is, after all,
    a great cleanser of the soul
    and my God, it can be a fine
    way to bond, not to mention,
    release of tension. 4 year olds
    rock, so take note and learn!!and
    Enjoy. Just make sure you have
    plenty of hankys or Kleenex on hand;
    apparently youngsters dont like
    the sight of a dripping nose, though they can handle tears.

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