Swine flu.

Yvonne, our beloved au pair, is ending her year with us in mid-May and going back home to Germany. I preparation for her departure, about 2 months ago, we decided to match for a 2nd au pair who would take over after Yvonne left. We decided on a very sweet person from Mexico who was scheduled to arrive in about a week and a half. I bet you can see where this is going. Now that Mexico has pretty much shut down to try and staunch the spread of swine flu, our au pair will not be allowed to leave Mexico and enter the US until August! I spoke with the coordinator on the phone today and she asked if we had a backup child care plan and the answer is no we don’t! Anyways we are scrambling. We have a few leads which look promising which I hope won’t put us in the lurch for too long. Life is never dull.

And the Capitals won! One of my best friends at work has season tickets and so she fills me in on hockey details. I try and amuse her by reading the first 2 paragraphs of the news reports of the game and then I can say, “oh how about the goalie, wasn’t he amazing?!” or “look out for so-and-so, he’s off his game”. And then I can sit back while she talks for 20 minutes in response to my Cliff Notes version of the game. The Metro was filled with fans last night, all happy on the way to the game while I was heading home from work. The lady reading the book is making some funny face, maybe she doesn’t like hockey.


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  1. Hope it works out all right. I remember when you and Donald were young; we had lots of fun to find a house keeper.

    Try hiring an American to cut down the unemployment.

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