Argument and making up.

Jeremy and I went to work together today in our car because I had to stop off at the dentist (first thing – 8 am) for my replacement mouth guard and Jeremy had to bring a cake to work. We bickered during the car ride to the dentist and to the Metro station. We bickered about the car, basically I think something is wrong with the car and Jeremy thinks that I’m a silly woman for thinking something is wrong with the car because it is running just FINE and I’m a silly, totally overly concerned woman. Anyways, the bickering devolved into where exactly the paperwork for the car servicing was to be kept (glove compartment? or filing cabinet?) which then led to a tense discussion of the overall state of the mailing and billing department of the Lee-Martin household which is better than it was a few months ago, but still in a state of disarray. Anyhow, we apologized to each other about the bickering by the time we got on the Metro and spent the ride quietly reading the free paper they give out.

After a productive day (mainly at Jeremy’s work, I, on the other hand, managed to mainly eat a bunch of twizzlers while searching fruitlessly for phosphorus-based flame retardants on Google), I was riding home on the subway when I pulled into Farragut North, Jeremy’s stop on the way home. There were a million people on the platform whizzing by as the train was slowing to a stop. When the train came to a full stop, Jeremy was standing right outside my window and I waved hello. How did he figure that one out?


4 thoughts on “Argument and making up.”

  1. Pretty normal! That is the way it is. Just don’t boil over too much.

    After marrying Rena for so many years, I really am enjoying to be with her. But, I joke to her all the time that during our dating years, she had 20-20 visions and I was almost perfect. Right, her eye sight is far from 20-20. But, I can’t do almost nothing right.

    Not because Doris is my daughter but just rememeber, women are growing smarter everyday and men are growing in the other direction, at least, that is what they think 🙂 True or not, who knows? May be, it is something in between or slightly skew toward … 🙂

  2. It is not because my eye sight. With eye glasses, it is even worse. Remember, what I said on your wedding day – “open your eyes wide before married. Close one eye or both eyes after being married.”

  3. Re the ‘connection (DUH)’ between
    you and Jeremy:

    :WHen you’re on the train you’re
    ON THE TRAIN” (With apologies to
    KEn Kesey):i.e. your marriage
    goes beyond the bounds of ordinary
    connections or something.

    Enjoy the fights-makes making up
    so much better.(Like I would know,

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