Saturday notes.

Our pal Ruth came and spent the night last night. We had Cuban take out. She says she has noticed a big difference in Edda’s responsiveness and interest in creating rapport with other people in the 6 months since she last saw her. Since I see Edda everyday, it’s harder for me to gauge changes in her behavior or personality, but I have been feeling that Edda’s been happier and more easily engaged in laughter and play.


Childcare has been sorted out. We’ve matched with an au pair who has already been in the US for a month or so who’s original match has not been working out for various reasons that I believe will not pose a problem for us.

6 thoughts on “Saturday notes.”

  1. I think she is responding better than before. She plays in simple but repeated games better, I believe.

    She is sweet in a way too 🙂

  2. Talking about your originally au pair from Mexico. If she crossed the border illegal, you would be fine. What a mess!

    Related to this subject, the other day, I saw my recent verizon bill from WA. I discovered there are several phone numbers to call if one can’t speak English but speaks Chinese, Korean or Vietnanese only. Even printed these phone numbers in their respective language. America is a multi-race country and I am very proud of it. But, with multi-language officially, I don’t think so.

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