Tart yogurt.

We went to our favorite local ice cream place and ordered this new-fangled thing the kids are calling “tart yogurt“. Apparently it’s frozen yogurt that tastes exactly like yogurt, a little sour.

Edda fell asleep while enjoying some non-tart yogurt. Notice little drool spot on Jeremy’s shirt.


One thought on “Tart yogurt.”

  1. It would be so nice to be able to sleep like that! Re:facebook and Twitter. I don’t participate on them either. Twitter is good for big events such as ACL festival and locating where the “secret” band is eating if I really care. Texting seems to work well in emergency situations when everyone around you is trying to make a cell phone call.But I just don’t think it is necessary for everyone and their dog to be witness to my small, 140 words thoughts all the time and vice versa. Wonderful as they may be! These programs prevent face to face contact. This blog is a perfect example of a very good use of technology. But some of the other stuff out there is so time consuming. I think being sucked into all of that can make for a lonely life. You have to be very good at multitasking. Our brains are not meant to multitask. You have enough on your plate with a full time job and two kids to start worrying about past friends you haven’t seen in 40 years when you were riding on the train in Istanbul for one day or where Beyonce is getting her nails done. Your life is so much more interesting than facebook or Twitter.

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