It has been kind of a mess on the Red Line this week. It’s been a few days since the accident, and they are running tests and trying to figure out what went wrong. Empty trains pass stations and full trains announce that you have to offload. It’s been slow going for me back and forth to work this week.

Today was the first day that trains were going past the point of the accident, although only on one of the two tracks. It’s slow going because like a two lane street that has one lane blocked off, the trains have to take turns going through the choke point. And everything is running slower because the trains are run manually and so the trains are spaced further apart and also, for whatever reason, a lot of the trains I’ve been on have broken down. So I’ve easily spent about 4 hours on the Metro today, mostly packed shoulder to shoulder with other of my fellow Washingtonians.


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  1. YOU have MY SYMPATHIES! Definitely
    have been thinking about you in
    this mess.

    TIming being everything, your upcoming vacation is perfect.


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