Coyotes and Rattlesnakes

Several weeks ago, Rena & I saw a coyote in the park lot. Yesterday, after drove home with Mom, I came back to office to retrieve my personal computer and brief case, I saw another coyote crossing the road.

Today, during our regular noon time walking, Rena and I encountered a rattlesnake on a semi-paved space for parking trailers & power plant equipment. The snake wasn’t in the coiled position and, therefore, not ready to strike. No danger at all. Mom just walked away and walking back. I walked forward a litter and studied the snake more and the snake turned his head and headed back to brown grassy areas slowly.

People working in the plant told me that we may encounter mountain lions. Therefore, there are a lot of wild land animals around our office (ie., Diablo Canyon Power Station.) beside the ones in the sea. Some of them are pretty innocent and doing no harm. Some of them, will cause a lot of trouble if one let down one’s vigilance while doing their daily routines here.

One thought on “Coyotes and Rattlesnakes”

  1. I live below Griffith Park-I'd say
    'far' below,but when I go out
    early (4 am) to the gym, or
    wherever, I INVARIABLY see a
    coyote looking for food and
    water. The lines seem to be

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