Our Shovel Ready Stimulus Plan?

Where are the results of our shovel-ready stimulus plan? The only thing that I personal witnessed was along Interstate Highway 5 in Oregon. Workers there were pretty busy doing somethings. Probably a lot of them were illegal immigrants. Who knows?

One estimate suggests the bail-out is costing us 30K per American. I would rather the government just give the money to our average Americans and let them spend as they wish within a certain time frame – 6 months?.

In China, they have their stimulus also. Quote it from an article which said that money spent (there) in the first five months of the program to the end of last month had built 214,000 flats for low-income families, with construction also begun on a further 650,000 (units).

About 20,000km of new roads have been built in rural areas, 445km of freeways completed and 100,000 sqm of new airport terminal buildings opened around the country. Safe drinking water has been supplied to a further 14.6 million people. And 6500 health service projects — unspecified — have been funded…

Of course, it may not be true completely. But, at least, something is coming out of their pipelines. Here, I guess that lawyers, officials, insiders and campaign aides are pretty busy to decide what to do. In the meantime, most of the available money, probably has been already spent unwisely. T

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