Working hard.

Between the two of us, I’m a work-a-holic and Jeremy is not. When we first met in graduate school, in the midst of falling in love and being totally infatuated with each other, Jeremy actually got more work done because I insisted that I needed to go back to lab after dinner and he would agree to come with me and work and extra two or three hours. I knew when I married him, I would more likely to be guilty of staying late at work than he would ever be.

So it is with some surprise that at lunch today, I asked him, “You are working all the time, aren’t you?”. Even though his hours at home vs. work have not changed, I notice that he tucks in an email or two as he’s making breakfast, he’ll also go over something right before bed. Over the weekend, we’ll carve out a few hours for him to work on a report. It’s all so quick and subtle that I hardly notice that it’s happening – but he did tell me, “yeah, I’m working a lot.”


One thought on “Working hard.”

  1. I believe Jeremy works a lot just like Rena.

    I like to be a fat elephant seal laying on the beach and scooping up some sands on my back once in a while to get cool.

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