Blog anniversary!

Today is my 7th anniversary of starting this blog. When I started, I didn’t really think that I would still be doing almost daily updates 7 years later. Sometimes I feel like blogging is a lonely sport because even though I know I have a number of dedicated fans, it sometimes feels like I’m talking to no one. But also, sometimes I feel like I’m talking to everyone in the sense that I do censor myself, I don’t talk a lot about my true fears and frustrations, of which there are many. Also, as we’ve become busier, I feel like the blog represents something like 0.1% of what I’m dealing with and thinking of each day. Also, with the advent of Facebook, sometimes I feel like personal blogging has become irrelevant, that the blogs of note are all big, commercial or sponsored blogs.

Many times in the past year, I’ve thought about stopping simply because I have nothing to say, I usually stop for a few days, and then I start up again. I didn’t know 7 years ago that I’d be here today, I wonder where I’ll be in 7 more years? Will I still be at Just Regular Folks? I don’t know. I’ll just have to wait and find out.


6 thoughts on “Blog anniversary!”

  1. I've been reading ever since you contacted me after Edda's diagnosis!! It has been wonderful to get to know your family!

    I was wondering about Edda's arm brace..Is that one of the hindged ones? I was looking at the website, but there were no prices…Can you email me what you think of it? Thanks!

  2. I love your blog. Love love love it. I think Facebook is silly. Please don't stop if it isn't too hard for you to keep up. It is like you are one of favorite newspaper columns. We check it every day. All of us. FB is too hip for me.

  3. Another fan here, Doris! You write so well, and like Sherah said, the blog is like a favorite newspaper column. Except in this case, I really do know you in person, which makes it even more special.

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