Who Acted Stupidly?

These days, a black Scholar, Professor Gates, Jr. , Police Sgt. Mr. Crowley and President Obama make the headlines together. Who really acted (and/or talked) stupidly? You be the JUDGE!

However, personally, there was a similar instance that I would like to share with you. Long time ago, when my parents were still around and lived in Los Angeles, on one early morning, I walked to their house from my sister Liz’s place. It was just too early and they were all sleeping. In order not to disturb them, I climbed over their front gate on the right side of the house and sat in one of their lawn chairs and started to read their newspaper – Los Angeles Times. Suddenly, there were two white policemen approached me and asked for my IDs and the reasons of climbing over. I explained to them about my situations. They demanded my personal IDs anyway. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it with me. Finally, one Hispanic neighbor saw all the lights on top of the police cars and us. He told the policemen that he knew me. Actually he was the one who called the police without knowing it was me who climbed over.

On that very moment, I thanked the neighbor for calling the police. And I also thanked the policemen for their quick response and their dedication with professionalism. I knew then that my parents were in the right place being safe because their neighbors and LAPD.

Everyone was happy, satisfied and ready to move on … I hope in this case, it will have the same ending. It looks like, it will.

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