Yearly Update…

Well, I haven’t updated in a long time, almost a year or so. I guess I can’t really ignore Doris’ call for support for the blog, so here’s mine…

I started dating a girl last August, but we broke up in May. I’m not sure that we really got to the point of being comfortable with each other. I think we were both a bit guarded, and sort of our default modes of reacting to things made things worse. So things didn’t seem like they were going to improve for either of us, so we ended it. Definitely learned a lot about myself tho, so that’s good.

I moved from SF to San Jose in March. This is probably the farthest south I’ve ever lived in the Bay Area. Tho I’m living with my MIT friend Ronnie and Wasi. Honestly. It’s been pretty fun again to live with people that you know. I’m really enjoying it. Ronnie’s house has somewhat become party central. We’ve had a lot of games nights/dinners/parties here.

I’m back in the fold with all these single guys now. So I guess there has been a lot of girl drama around here. Not really involving me, but it involves a lot of my friends, so I won’t divulge too much here publicly. But I do feel like I’m back in high school somewhat. Who like who, who’s asking who out, who’s not liking who. girl in in the group, girl out of the group. God. I can’t even keep track anymore.

Oh also, I was being coached by a life coach. My high school friend Ted was getting into life coaching, an he’s made some great strides in being a better person, and wanted me to try it out. I felt like I needed some direction in my life, and decided to take him up on it. He couldn’t coach me simply because we’re too close, so he recommended me to another life coach. I’ve been doing that since February. It’s been interesting to say the least. Tho it’s funny, how drama seems to follow everything. The drama was basically that my coach, was Ted’s girlfriend, almost fiance, at the time. And she’s cool. but, I guess you could see it coming (i didn’t), Ted and her broke up around May also. And it was a pretty bad break up. So here I am, getting coached by Ted’s ex-gf. I guess it was fine for a month or two, but like i said, it was a nasty breakup, and it didn’t sit well with Ted… So anyhow, I’m not being coached any longer. 🙂

I guess I’m back into the dating world a bit. I have some prospects, but we’ll see… I’m not promising anything Mom…

One thought on “Yearly Update…”

  1. Great you are coming into this!

    Now, I am a talker. But Doris and you are simply in the other direction. When I was in junior and senior high, my nickname was "MONK". I never talked. I never joked. Just sat there in the corner and did my own things alone – a LONER. Both of you are much better than me in that respect.

    Boy, haven't I changed a lot. I think I am. Probably, I long figured out to work alone wasn't that good or efficient. To get people to work with, especially for you, people have to understand you, trust you any feel good about their potential contributions before anything can happen.

    Coming back to girl or boy friends, compromise and understand are kind of glue to put a family together. Of course, Mom and Dad have had many disagreements and, furthermore, we do argue sometimes. But, at key junctions, both of us always side-step and compromise a lot to avoid flaming each other more.

    I always think, any boy and girl with a decent college education, a job and a sense of responsibility can always be a good couple and make a happy family together.

    But, "NOT ALWAYS IN ONE'S WAY" is the key. I have bend my back numerous times and, probably, Mom would says she have bend many times more. Proper communications would help to understand that the WAY by other side may be better.

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