We are dog sitting for our cousins, Eric and Colleen who are spending the week at the Outer Banks. (Lucky ducks.) They adopted Joise the pug from a rescue group about 3 months ago. Josie has a gimpy leg which makes it hard for her to get up from a resting position which was not apparent 3 months ago when they brought her home. She doesn’t seem to be in intense pain, but she takes a pain pill everyday wrapped in a slice of American cheese.

Everytime I see Josie, I want to call her Pugsley (and sometimes I do call her Pugsley – shhhhh, don’t tell Eric or Colleen). Josie likes to sleep in a bed, so the first night, she slept in our bed. The 2nd night, she slept with Edda. Now she’s just asleep on the carpet next to me.


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