The dull-drums of summer.

I have been battling seasonal allergies this month, everywhere I go, I’m a little sniffy and itchy – I’ve been a little off kilter either because I’m taking allergy medication or I’m not taking allergy medication.

This morning, I sat for my three-hour certification exam – a hurdle I need to get over in order to start working from home.

And, to top off this blog post of no interesting information about Doris, I got a new boss, aka the Director of the USPTO. This photo was taken at his swearing in today outside the patent office. He’s the guy with the shaved head and the blue blazer. He’s an old IBMer, just like me. Go Big Blue!


My life is pretty uninteresting, but everyone else is having a great time, even though I consider August to be the dullest month ever. It’s hot, no one is in school or camp. Jeremy’s been taking some time off and working from home some. The kids have been at the pool, library, zoo, you name it, they’ve done it. But since it’s a pain to lug around my big camera and it’s the only camera that the family owns – there are no photos of fun things. You only get the photo of the back of my new boss’s head. And photos after I come home.


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